Jede Silbe

Enumerating all of the German language, one syllable at a time. And in Prolog.

One time, I decided to participate in NaNoGenMo (National Novel Generating Month) 2015, an event whose goal is to write code that generates a 50 000 word novel. I decided to generate a text that contains every possible German syllable. For the knowledge base, I used the information provided by T. Alan Hall in Phonologie: Eine Einführung (2000) and my intuition as a native speaker. The syllables are represented in SAMPA, a machine-readable phonetic alphabet.

My result contains 60610 syllables. However, some details of assimilation are not included in the knowledge base: the syllable “penk” will be generated even though the n would be turned into a velar nasal in front of the k.

The code for my syllable generation is available on GitHub.

pim! pin! piN! pil! pij! pir! pip! pit! pik! pif! 
pis! piS! piC! pix! pimp! pimt! pimf! pims! pimS! 
pint! pinf! pins! pinS! pinC! pilp! pilt! pilk! 
pilf! pils! pilS! pilC! pirp! pirt! pirk! pirf! 
pirs! pirS! pirC! ...