Hanging out on oulipo.social

A social platform with high lipogrammatic standards.

oulipo.social is a totally normal social platform, with a tiny twist: If you want to post anything, you must omit a particular symbol that shows up in a lot of words, or your post won’t go through. I found out about this Mastodon instantiation a day or two past its birth back in April of 2017, and I just had to sign up. Fast-forward roughly 1 olympiad, and I’m still happily chatting with my symbol-skipping pals. Our small community is notoriously spinning up mystical myths about fast-fish days, calling all liquids “soup”, nobody knows how to count, and lots of bots roam our halls too.

Posting on oulipo.social brings a particular sort of difficulty with it. This post shows how hard it is to talk about counting months.

Find out what I said about oulipo.social in my public talk about it in 2019: lingua franca visuals, my L1 visuals.