My PhD thesis

Working title: The Semantics of Verb Alternations – A Computational Approach to Identification, Modelling and Induction of Alternating Frames in English.

For my PhD thesis, I research verb alternations and their impact on frame induction. Semantic frames seem to be a good abstraction for representing alternating verbs, because they can be used to explicitly distinguish between the different forms that each alternating verb can take, and to express the similarities and differences in their meanings.

My research includes developing systems for the automatic identification of verbs that participate in particular alternations; designing frame structures that represent the meaning of alternating verbs in a useful way; and relating verb alternations and their impact on frame induction to similar phenomena, such as polysemy or coercion.

A screenshot of my dissertation repository, titled `moby-diss`.

I’m planning on finishing my thesis and graduating in 2022.